William McDonald

CEO & Founder @ Phoenix Haus

Bill McDonald is the visionary founder and CEO of Phoenix Haus, a leading off-site prefabrication company headquartered in Western Colorado. With a passion for innovation and sustainable construction, Phoenix Haus is revolutionizing the industry by integrating cutting-edge technology with environmentally conscious practices.

Originally hailing from Michigan, Bill’s journey began in 2013 when he built the first off site built single family prototype project. Recognizing the immense potential of his concept, he relocated to Colorado in 2017 and scaled Phoenix Haus into a thriving enterprise.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Bill finds solace in the exhilarating freedom of motorcycle rides and the adrenaline rush of skiing down snowy slopes. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his adventurous spirit, continues to drive Phoenix Haus towards new heights of success in the construction landscape.