Santhosh Ramdoss

President & CEO, CIO @ Gary Community Ventures

Santhosh Ramdoss is President & CEO of Gary Community Ventures. He also serves as the organization’s Chief Investment Officer. Previously, he served as Gary’s VP of Impact Investing, overseeing the organization’s endowment and helping deploy a larger pool of financial assets in service of its mission. Santhosh helped Gary establish partnerships with leading impact fund managers and companies while incubating capital vehicles like The Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth, which offers down payment assistance to Black homebuyers in Metro Denver.

Before Gary, Santhosh was part of the investment teams at the Skoll and Michael & Susan Dell foundations. He has also served as a community organizer, start-up entrepreneur and community banker.

Santhosh was raised by a single mother in a small Indian village, learned to speak English by watching television, and was 25 before he boarded an airplane. He takes pride in his identity as an immigrant and leverages these experiences to inform his commitment towards equity.