Lew Oliver

Founder & Principal @ Lew Oliver Inc

Lew is a Georgia-based urbanist, master planner, and designer with more than a decade of experience in advancing New Urbanism and residential design. He designs whole towns using methodical land planning techniques, human-centric urban planning, and global expertise in building design.

Master plans and buildings by Oliver are designed with each community’s values, local vernacular, and climate in mind. He focuses on the pedestrian experience in each of his site plans, ensuring physiological and psychological wellness of residents. Each of his plans considers how to enrich the landscape, how to accommodate many people, and multi-modal transportation.

Oliver’s latest plans are ideal for systems-built construction methods, showcasing tighter footprints and modest square footage. He has focused primarily on modular and SIP efficiencies, trailblazing a new, elegant identity for off-site construction.

Oliver is a preferred design consultant of renowned Duany Plater-Zyberk, having undertaken over 40 charrettes internationally, including the Scottish Sustainable Community Initiative, where he helped plan the first extension of Edinburgh since 1805.

When he is not master planning and designing housing product for places like Trilith in Atlanta, he is advancing the systems-built housing collections that combine his proficiency in making flourishing places with innovative construction methods.