Gene Eidelman

Cofounder @ Azure Printed Homes, Inc.

From developing affordable multifamily projects to revolutionizing the construction industry with 3D-printed homes, Gene Eidelman’s journey in real estate is marked by innovation and impact. After immigrating to the US from Ukraine, Gene quickly made a name for himself, developing over 3,000 condominiums and apartments in Southern California and across the Southeastern United States. His entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there; he launched two education startups before co-founding Azure Printed Homes in 2022.

At Azure, Gene and his team are breaking new ground with a patented 3D printing process that constructs entire structures from recycled polymers. This eco-friendly method is not only 70% faster but also 30% cheaper than traditional construction, revolutionizing how we think about building homes. Since May 2023, Azure Printed Homes has been delivering units ranging from emergency housing, backyard studios and tiny homes for glamping resorts to workforce housing, ADUs and homes, with a focus on sustainable, affordable housing for all.

Gene’s commitment to making a difference extends beyond real estate. He has been recognized for his efforts in resettling 6,000 refugees from Eastern Europe. Gene is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, 3D Printing, construction and real estate. He delivered a TED talk on the future of housing on April 27, 2024, which will be on YouTube this summer. His work is paving the way for a future where sustainable and affordable housing is accessible to everyone.