Garrett Moore

CEO and Co-Founder @ AGORUS

“In football, as in life, the most important person on the field is often the least noticed – the left tackle: he protects the quarterback’s blind side.” As a quarterback at Stanford University, this simple lesson laid the early foundation for Garrett’s servant-leadership philosophy: “It’s the people you work with every day who determine your ability to make an impact”.

After achieving a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford, and despite an early desire to jump right into a Silicon Valley start-up after graduation, Garrett’s passion to serve led him to San Diego to become an officer in the Navy SEALs. During this time, he was also selected to become an Olmsted Scholar (similar to a Rhodes Scholarship). After learning Hebrew from scratch, he earned his master’s degree in Cybersecurity at Tel Aviv University…in Hebrew! Living there in Startup Nation, he learned another critical lesson, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world.”

You might see two common denominators in these life shaping experiences – a love of high performing teams and fearlessness in the face of challenges. Garrett and his co-founder Kyle run headlong into the fray when most would hesitate. “If a problem is too hard for everyone else, it’s probably just right for us”. And for that reason, he is wholly committed to solving America’s elusive housing crisis.

Garrett is married to his childhood sweetheart and loves to spend time with his family. It’s no surprise that he’s also an extreme sports guy, snowboarding, mountain biking and e-foiling whenever he can. By the way, don’t ever get suckered into a ping pong game with him. It won’t go well for you.