David Ware

President + CEO @ McStain Neighborhoods

David Ware joined McStain in 1996 and is responsible for development of key strategic initiatives with ownership and leadership teams to drive company policy, operations, innovation and sustainability initiatives.  He leads the evaluation of new business opportunities along the Front Range with key developers, brokers, and other consultants to obtain both vertical, merchant homebuilding and land development positions to support the company’s growth and strategic vision. David oversees entitlements and project management, including key municipal and developer discussions and meetings, due diligence, market, and pro-forma evaluations, land and architectural planning, engineering, and other aspects to obtain all required governmental approvals.  He is also responsible for the conceptual development of new product initiatives with ownership, the VP of sales and marketing, leading architectural consultants, and key staff members to align with project segmentation, market demand, and entitlements.