Brent Wadas

Co-Founder + CEO @ BotBuilt

Brent Wadas is a devoted husband and father, business leader, war veteran, and technologist living in North Carolina. Today, he is the CEO and co-founder of BotBuilt, a company dedicated to creating novel robotic construction techniques. With their team based in Durham, NC, BotBuilt uses proprietary software to turn any custom plan into easy to assemble panels with automated robotic code and patented tooling systems. Brent’s career spans multiple decades building up several different businesses. After early successes, Brent and his family decided to give back to their nation by serving in the United States Army. Serving alongside his sisters and brothers in arms was the honor of a lifetime, but Brent has found his true calling through leading the robotic revolution in construction. Beyond a passion for technology, Brent recharges with his family, running marathons with his wife, playing guitar, pretending to know how to golf, and serving in his church.