Amit Haller

Founder @ undisclosed

Amit Haller is a life long inventor and entrepreneur, founding his first company in 1992 – Butterfly Communications. Inspired by his early adoption of the Bluetooth communications standard, Butterfly engineered and produced one of the world’s first integrated Bluetooth chipsets and was later acquired by Texas Instruments in 1999.

Following the success of Butterfly, Amit founded IXI Mobile in 2001, taking the company public in 2006. IXI developed a mobile messaging device called Ogo, bringing Blackberry functionality to mass-market consumers. Ogo was distributed and sold in partnership with AT&T, AOL and Microsoft across countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Leveraging his technology experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Amit co-founded Veev, a Bay Area real estate investment firm, in 2009. Initially, Veev was focused on acquiring, modernizing and stabilizing multi-family assets. Recognizing all of the systemic challenges and obstacles in the industry, the company evolved into an end-to-end modular manufacturer, capable of delivering very high quality, single-family homes for a build cost under $150 / sq ft. Veev was acquired by Lennar in 2023.

Amit is once again starting a new venture, leveraging his experience, knowledge and lessons learned to develop and deliver a vertically integrated Build-to-Rent (BTR) community model.