We’re Thinking Differently

We’re putting ourselves in your shoes. At the Housing Innovation Alliance, we’ve considered what it would take to not only survive the next 5 years but to prosper. To become a more resilient business – attractive to both talent and customers. We’ve identified key attributes and qualities needed for a core leadership team, which have become our 5 key focus areas or “missions” as we like to call them. We’ll touch on each of these areas at the Housing Innovation Summit.

Together, we’ll shape the future of housing.

At the Alliance, we look for – and push – the tipping points. Taking snapshots in time, we share visions of the future as its being driven within individual businesses, as well as a collective vision from across the Alliance network. And that’s exactly what we’ll do together at the Summit through expert snapshots, on-site tours, round table discussions, and more.

5 Missions:

DESIGN + BUILD – Ensuring Operational Agility

Integrated off-site construction + industrial engineering for the field; new products, materials + construction methods; super trades, robotics, and more

ESG – Driving Greater Business Resilience

Housing + community development strategies that are good for our health, wealth, and the planet

HOME AS A SERVICE – Creating Customers for Life

Alternative revenue streams, financial models, and housing solutions

TALENT – Attracting + Retaining Tomorrow’s Leaders

Opportunities for growth, widening the net for a more diverse + inclusive workforce, and redefining the jobs to be done + the training needed for the home delivery + technology solution mix

TECH + DATA – Digitally Empower the Team

Focus on enabling operational agility through workforce collaboration + development, big BIM (design, build, operate, serve), and market transparency

Why Now?

There is a huge opportunity to provide attainable housing for middle-income households – and scale it – through production homebuilding.

Historically, investment in R+D doesn’t match up. Let’s work together to de-risk adopting new concepts.

Join us in Denver for the Housing Innovation Summit.